Mech Tech deals with many of the major gasket manufacturers in the UK in order to supply our customers with the best quality gaskets at the right wholsale price. 
Mech Tech are able to supply you with any type of gasket you may need, whether you are working in Automotive, Industrial, Pharmaceutical or Petrochemical industries to name but a few. The range of applications for soft material gaskets is very wide owing to the number of different materials used and the properties of those materials. 
Mech Tech can supply one-off gaskets, as well as complete sets which contain many hundreds of parts, made in all types of different materials. 
We can supply a range of Flange Gaskets. These are assembled as sealing elements between two flanges. Various soft materials or types of metal are used depending on the application the gasket is required for. 
Exhaust Pipe Parts 
Mech Tech can supply you with a wide range of products including clamps, gaskets, rubber parts and springs for vehicle exhaust systems. 
Brass Retaining Rings 
These brass, retaining rings provide a stable, permanently elastic seal when combined with an O-Ring. They are commonly used in air-pressure brake systems. 
Special Gaskets 
These are manufactured in accordance with the customers' special requirements. Please provide us with a drawing of your gasket and we can provide you with your specialised gasket in a wide range of different materials. 
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